The naked self – dealing with anger

When all the make up’s removed, who then do you say you are?

img_9727Can you identify with the person who’s looking back?

“You’re such a beautiful lady but I think it’s about time you invest more on your beauty within” said a friend to me.


See, now that came from a trusted friend and a confidante.

It hurt me simply because he wasn’t telling me what I wanted to hear but what I needed, at that particular time. He was only telling me the truth and opening my eyes to what I was reluctant to see.

But more than anything, it was more about the inability to change. I really didn’t know how to go about it. Neither did I feel like I needed to act against anything.

I was becoming uglier by the day.

It was true what he’d said, although I wouldn’t blatantly admit it. I was indifferent, bitter and angry. The pain I felt was portrayed through anger and the hostility had created an ugly monster in me.


Contrary to your face that you can easily manipulate with make-up, internal blemishes are hard to conceal.

Moreover, they’re mostly experienced unconsciously bringing about much challenges when they surface.


It’s challenging unlearning your patterns and destroying habits. However, you can counterpoise by adopting new ones. Here’s how you can ease into it.

  • Understand what caused your situation (your triggers) and try to remove yourself from unconducive environments.
  • Your goal is to detach yourself from fixations, thereby, allowing for emotional healing to take place. Holding on to your past hinders growth, let go.
  • Develop emotional intelligence. This by no means involves not showing emotion at all, but being able to detect emotions within yourself and releasing them in ways that are beneficial.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. Emotions are complex and no one expects you to master them. Realize that you’re only human and can only do so much.

Some aspects of our lives can be a mystery to us. Self discovery is a journey, in which introspection can be quite valuable.

It is of utmost importance to reintroduce yourself yet again.



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