Take small actions and influence your life greatly

First thing’s first, before you even begin to remove yourself from a dumpster, you’d better recognize that you’re in a dumpster.

I remember being caught up in this disheartening reality and I was greatly unhappy with myself. I was miserable because I wasn’t doing any of the things that I desperately longed for, my life was stagnant and my goals seemed far from reach.

Examining my surroundings, I was deep within what I never ever imagined would be my life, it was so surreal. In all senses, I gave meaning to hopelessness. But how did it get to this?

That was definitely not the question I was most concerned with. I was only desperate for deliverance, I thought to myself if realizing my purpose was something far-fetched then God had to help me to live with it.

From afar within, however, I could still feel the drive delicately burning as if it knew it was my only chance. And that was it, that meant I wasn’t about to give up for as long as I was gifted with the opportunity to be.

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Be not afraid of walking slowly, be afraid only of standing still ~ Chinese Proverb

And so the journey begun . . .

Knowing yourself, as well as having the power to define that person is a distinct skill that can greatly influence your success in life. I was challenged with the task to peep into myself. Then, I came to realize that I was my own enemy. Subconsciously, I had created barriers for myself, which were preventing me to reach out to fulfillment. I needed to silence the critic in my head that would constantly remind me of how inadequate I was. My goals were well within reach, I was just not in tune with them because I lacked self-awareness .

You should always attempt to rise again and again. . . Persistence is key, it’s all about starting over and trying again. Life has challenges and you’ll certainly stumble upon them but never fall without putting up a fight. Nonetheless, if you do fall you know what’chu gotta do! Your approach here will be determined by your outlook on life, of cause. If you deem things to be the end for you, it will be just that. On the contrary if you see challenges as stepping stones then you’ve already wonSetbacks are there to sharpen our will-power so that we’re better prepared for the future.

The more gains you experience due to your efforts, the more likely you’ll exhibit that behavior,repeatedly.  The gratification you experience from seeing results of your efforts is always motivating. Regardless of how big or small the rewards are, they are just enough to give you a boast to leap forward. Magic occurs when you understand the importance of putting one foot in front of the other.

Keep on going, never stop no matter what!

Now, it is upon you to decipher which actions are necessary for you to get closer to where you want to be, that is if realizing your utmost potential is what keeps you going.

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