Oh, hi there!

Since you stopped by – it’s duly my responsibility to make it worth your while. Now let’s endeavor into it, obviously you’re here to gain more insight about daily­_nat and perhaps the person behind it.


See what I did there? I simply stole your time so you could actually believe that I have an “about page” when in actuality I don’t. I realized that If it was going to be anything restrictive then I don’t want it. I call this a trial phase, I’ll get it all wrong before I settle onto who, what, which, when, why and how’s of this blog. So buckle up let’s run on wild. 🙃

About Nat  

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My name is Nat and I’m a resident here at daily_nat. When I’m not writing, I’m reading on a subject that’s heightened my interest. I love music and chocolates (used to be a cereal-devotee) not anymore, I will speak that into existence – hahaha. You’ll notice that I’m not perfect, far from it. I’m simply a woman trying to find meaning of her life navigating through emotions and thoughts; relationships, friendships as well as family life.

P.S don’t shy away I’d love to hear from you, let’s explore this journey together and build good fellowship. You may fill-in the free e-mail subscription down below!

You can also befriend me on here👇🏽

Twitter➡️ www.twitter.com/daily_nat

Fb➡️  https://m.facebook.com/dailynatly/

IG ➡️  http://www.instagram.com/n_beaut


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