Be the gem your friends desire

Do you have that one person you can go to whenever you’re in need of good counsel. I mean someone who doesn’t lead you astray, who only gives you nothing but the truth regardless of how it makes you feel for as long as they aren’t guilty of deceit.


This person is not afraid to break it down to you when you fail to see reason. They are always there to assign what’s right from wrong. Often your disputes are ignited when you’re unable to honor the truth that they stand by but you know that they always mean well. They are quite a gem and they deserve to be treated with such regard.

When we’re troubled we turn to our friends to rave and at the same time to get the best possible advice, right ?

However, can you discern good advice from bad advice ?

Sometimes the source of pleasure (lies) in which we find comfort is not the right one. The guidance we get sometimes from our friends lack objectivity. For instance the friend who fails to tell you the truth and would rather deceive you with lies to spare your feelings or whatever the reason may be.

Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie

Let me tell you as I recall all the times this had happened to me, I choke of the enormity of betrayal. I’ve always failed to understand the whole concept because no relationship is built on lies. Trusting someone means that honesty is the focal point of that relationship.

You could be thinking that it is okay sometimes to lie to make someone feel better – fair enough. But understand that as soon as they get to the solution of what was troubling them when they approached you, their vision would have been cleared and they will begin to question your character together with your relationship.

Deception is short lived and it never amounts to anything. Is it ever worth it to lie so you can protect someone’s feelings?

Would you rather live with a beautiful lie or face your ugly truth?

What kind of a friend are you, are you a gem?

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It begins within – Self awareness

She lacks confidence, she craves admiration insatiably. She lives on the reflections of herself in the eyes of others. She does not dare to be herself.
~ Anaïs Nin

Beautiful woman, yes you are.

You’re beautiful, embrace it.

You’re smart, make it known.

You’re successful, celebrate it.

Any affirmation that comes from anywhere else but yourself serves no purpose, honor yourself.


People’s approval shouldn’t recharge you in any way. Their validations are too fickle to sustain anyone.

A confident woman does not bargain on other people’s acceptance of her. She’s well aware of who she is, flaws and all.


You shouldn’t modify who you are to accommodate anyone. No, it shouldn’t be on your account that they feel good about themselves.

Distance yourself from people that instill doubt in you, discredit and pull you down. Insecurity resents being solo, it longs for warmth. Never allow it to tuck you in.


Confidence is something that we battle with one way or another. It does not come naturally but you can certainly gain it through living an authentic life; being unapologetically you.

Must you have people cheering you on to feel safe?

Are you content with who you are?