The narrative to boosting SELF-CONFIDENCE

At the mention of a confident woman, we may promptly idealize someone who’s fundamentally independent, someone who believes in her abilities, trusts her intuition and is generally stable in her life. However, as a confident woman can you truly say you’ve always been confident in your manifestations? Yea – I know, me too.

You know, with confident women, it’s not that they don’t experience insecurity – they have rather mastered the principles that proclaim them as self-assured. They have adopted enviable habits that they rely on throughout their lives and you can’t help but admire them. I’ll shed light on some of these practices.

First and foremost practice to see yourself exactly how you’d like the world to see you. A confident woman knows her self-worth and she conveniently articulates this into her surroundings. How else will it be possible if you’re not going to have a hand in the way that people see and treat you?

The energy you put out is diverted back at you, so be the authority that governs how you’re going to be treated socially, in relationships and business. Name your price and if anyone is opposed to it they have a choice to evade the expense no hassles on your side if you know what I mean. The cost of shrinking yourself is very expensive; it is an everlasting liability.

Zero in onto your insecurities and take advantage. Take cognizance of your anxieties and be strategic in dealing with them. For instance, when you feel like you’re not good enough to achieve it that should only set the tone for you to be the most appropriate time to run with it. Go right ahead and do it, just give your best shot and I’m telling you even before you witness the outcome you’ll be ecstatic simply because you took the initiative and acted regardless.

This will definitely make you feel like you have conquered the world and you’ll only have yourself to thank. Confident women have incorporated this culture into their regime. They understand that they won’t feel confident, strong and motivated all the time, therefore, they don’t wait to take action.

Put yourself out there more and exercise autonomy. Avail yourself, accept challenges and take up opportunities. The most determining factor is exposing yourself and breaking out of your shell.

I’ll tell you now that there’s usually nothing that goes on behind those elongated walls that people tend to create for themselves besides feelings of inadequacy and stagnation. You’ll honestly never know your true potential unless you push through and that means extending yourself beyond what you think you can achieve. Break the barriers and reach for your goals.

Connect with significant others. Learn the importance of relating to others for personal growth and cultivate just the kind of relationships that serve a purpose in your life.

Maintain relationships with people that respect, care, and love you. People who believe in your abilities; who inspire and propel you. Their affirmations should provide your insecurities with gentle strokes while encouraging confidence and growth.

Confident women are not those who are self-assured all the time, however, their determination in discovering what lurks beyond the margins stand out. They are efficient beings who are able to apply the force within themselves to ultimately live up to their best potential.

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Sunshine blogger award

A special shout out to Prajwal of your thoughts for nominating me for this Sunshine blogger award. I’d like to thank you for the gesture of kindness. Without any further ado let’s get into it.

Here’s my attempt to the ten questions.

1. If you get a chance to go back in the past and change a thing, what would it be?

I never ever want to put myself through that agony. What’s in the past remains intact where it’s supposed to be. All my experiences good and bad have taught me something.

2. Would you be the one who approaches first in friendship or the one who is approached?

I don’t know if friendships are practically approached like that but I feel they should form naturally, nothing forced. I’m only hoping that I put in as much effort as my mates in friendships that’s all.

3. Is it possible to UNLOVE somebody?

Let’s just say one gets over it. You just learn to live without them; move on and live your best life. Phew! – that was hectic.

4. What is the craziest thing that you have done in your life till now?

I acted on vengeance and the person that was meant to suffer the consequence never eventually became aware of my deed because I immediately felt ashamed and managed to do some damage control. It was crazy and awful. 🤦🏽‍♀️

5. What is that most important lesson that life have taught you till now?

Life has taught me that ultimately it is just you and you’re responsible for your life.

6. What is the current goal of your life?

Right now I just want to secure my degree and that has to be within the timeframe I’ve set.

7. Have you ever had a Deja-Vu? Tell me about it.

Definitely. I’ve experienced it a couple of times but I just can’t bring one instance forward.

8. Who are your TOP FIVE ( I mean closet five people without which you cannot imagine your life) ?

Maternal Grandmother, mother, siblings and best friend.

9. Choose a movie title to describe yourself.

The armageddon…Hahahaha! Ohh-wee don’t mind me. But this is a tough one…I don’t know. “Loner”. Yes, I think because mostly I enjoy my own company.

10. What is the one thing about yourself that you greatly admire?

My tenacity to bounce back. I hate defeat so I’ll constantly poke for ways to get out of any situation no matter what.

Just when I was getting the hang of things I must wrap up. Don’t forget to check out your thoughts  – Prajwal writes on philosophy and life.

The following are rules of the award nomination 

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I nominate all the masses who are willing to partake. It would be interesting to read on your answers.


1. What is your birth name?
2. What is the one thing you’d love to be known for?
3. Do you believe in fairytales?
4. Mention the one thing you can’t get enough of.
5. When was the last time you cried?
6. What songs have you completely memorized?
7. What are you reading currently?
8. What is your current goal?
9. Is it possible to unlove somebody?
10. If you had to choose to live without one of your five senses, which one would you give up?

Looking forward to get to know y’all better.



Inside an introverted mind

She’s quite reserved and eccentric;

habitually exists in her mind.

Few can claim to know her; an introvert she is.



An extreme thinker.

Trust her to be logical.

See the clarity in her vision.

A true introvert indeed.



Kind hearted and rarely judgmental.

Her love is deep yet withdrawn.

Such an effortless introvert.



A wave of mystery so hard to grasp.

She causes a stir and confusion.

Well, a culpable introvert exists.



The agony amidst misjudgment.

The more she withdraws into herself.

Only she knows how to lead an introverted life.



Desperate cries in solitude.

Definitely not pride but reticence.

Still she won’t blend – a thorough introvert.



Each is a unique version; an intentional creation.

Not perfect, yet, a model that is fitting.

She’s perfectly an introverted introvert!


How to prioritize and manage your time productively

How do you avoid daily pressures from getting the better of you? Do you put things off for later and make up by justifying that you work well under pressure or are you the type that plans to get things done timeously and avoid burning out?

Juggling a 9-to-5, studying, blogging, exercising, and the rest of life’s demands can be a hella lot sometimes. All these things demand your time; it often feels like there’s tons on your plate with just minimal time to execute. But this is not quite the case, is it? It simply boils down to how you prioritize and allocate your time.

I remember the previous semester I had written down way beforehand how I was going to navigate my studies and stuff, I had a clearer vision of what I wanted to achieve and how I was going to go about it. I’d noted all the things that were consuming my precious limited time of which I had to eliminate and replace accordingly. I had set-up a routine and worked so hard to stick by it.


Imagine the possibility

Draw up a feasible plan

What is it that you want to achieve? Your plan shouldn’t be so complicated that you’re unable to produce results. Your goals should be realistic and conveniently practical for you to accomplish.

Work schedule

Allocate time for each activity. For instance decide if you’ll workout early in the morning before work so that you’re able to study after work and so forth. Honestly, I’m not an early person so instead I’d workout after work so by eight in the evening I’d start studying and at ten the latest I’d be in bed.


You can expect the best when you give your best. Dedicate your time and commit yourself to working hard. Sow and reap the benefits later.

Switch off

Imagine if the time you spend recklessly on social networks was used to grasp concepts and definitions, where would you be if you actually used that time doing something productive? I advise you to start switching off; limit the time you spend online and skip television. Yes, it makes a huge difference. At least for me it did as I wasted plenty of time on there.

Do not procrastinate

It is essential for you to align yourself with the work and don’t lose track. You won’t feel motivated everyday but since you’ve made a commitment you’ll hold yourself accountable and do what’s right even when you don’t feel much like it because you care about the outcomes.

Support system

You can use all the support you can get. It can be by means of mere understanding. When your people understand that some moments you’ll miss. Even better when they’re goal-driven themselves, you’ll be more supportive and understanding of one another.

If you take a closer look at your typical day for instance, you’ll notice that you have plenty of time at your disposal, however, managing it efficiently is probably the real challenge. We’re inevitably inclined to things we prioritize and the implications thereof are evident as we tend to concentrate more on them. Now think about what those activities are for you. Are they worth splurging your energy on, are you being productive? If not – subsequently change them; draw up your plan, schedule and put in the work.

All the best!