37 things I’m grateful for – gratitude list

Think about the things you eagerly wanted, the stuff you often prayed for and was fortunate to have eventually earned. Reflect on how they’ve changed your life. Now consider the people who are always there to love and support you even when you don’t least deserve it. Think about how your life would be if they weren’t around. Well, if that’s not enough reason to be grateful then I don’t know what is.

I thought I’d post this last week already but then I realized that this was something I genuinely needed to do for myself – to reflect as well as experience it on an emotional sphere. I didn’t want to create a mere post out of it, but to rather pause take a moment and be thankful.

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. ~ Epicurus

We become so infatuated with what we don’t have and subsequently lose cognizance of what we’re already blessed with. The overflowing clutter of things-to-do keep us so busy that we often miss out on precious things; sheer moments of gratitude and joy. So after consideration I then took time to compile my gratitude list – the things, moments and people that put color into my life.


  1. I’m grateful that I’m able to wake up to the light of a new day.
  2. Being comfortable with who I am. Yassssss!
  3. The satisfaction from sleeping
  4. Health
  5. Everyone that cares
  6. Love
  7. Empathy
  8. Kindness
  9. Education and knowledge
  10. My mothers (plural)
  11. My mother’s son
  12. My only sister
  13. Niece
  14. Family
  15. Friends
  16. Confidante
  17. The unexpected calls and texts that indicate that I matter
  18. The dreams
  19. All those who believe in me
  20. Music – the fact that it moves me literally and figuratively
  21. Wow! Food guys
  22. All I’ve achieved so far
  23. The bright and gloomy days
  24. All the “I love, I care and I miss you’s”
  25. Connection; phones, internet just the whole nine yards
  26. Forgiveness, the fact that I get a chance to redeem myself
  27. Vacations
  28. Warmth
  29. Board games
  30. My English teacher back in high school, I remember every single word in the letter she wrote me.
  31. The elasticity to adapt to change
  32. Intuition
  33. Laughter
  34. The second, third and multiple chances
  35. Writing
  36. Television
  37. The beginnings and endings

You’ve probably once witnessed time going past you and in turn regretted that you had taken things and people for granted. It is open knowledge that gratitude is not easy to practice but what is the use of working on anything if we’re unable to show appreciation. How are we going to find value in what we are yet to achieve if we’re challenged now as it stands. I don’t know but just maybe if we could attempt to live in the moment, cherish what we have and grasp contentment in every way possible we’d be a little happier and fulfilled – just maybe.

Do you ever take a moment? Forward your thoughts.


Be the gem your friends desire

Do you have that one person you can go to whenever you’re in need of good counsel. I mean someone who doesn’t lead you astray, who only gives you nothing but the truth regardless of how it makes you feel for as long as they aren’t guilty of deceit.


This person is not afraid to break it down to you when you fail to see reason. They are always there to assign what’s right from wrong. Often your disputes are ignited when you’re unable to honor the truth that they stand by but you know that they always mean well. They are quite a gem and they deserve to be treated with such regard.

When we’re troubled we turn to our friends to rave and at the same time to get the best possible advice, right ?

However, can you discern good advice from bad advice ?

Sometimes the source of pleasure (lies) in which we find comfort is not the right one. The guidance we get sometimes from our friends lack objectivity. For instance the friend who fails to tell you the truth and would rather deceive you with lies to spare your feelings or whatever the reason may be.

Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie

Let me tell you as I recall all the times this had happened to me, I choke of the enormity of betrayal. I’ve always failed to understand the whole concept because no relationship is built on lies. Trusting someone means that honesty is the focal point of that relationship.

You could be thinking that it is okay sometimes to lie to make someone feel better – fair enough. But understand that as soon as they get to the solution of what was troubling them when they approached you, their vision would have been cleared and they will begin to question your character together with your relationship.

Deception is short lived and it never amounts to anything. Is it ever worth it to lie so you can protect someone’s feelings?

Would you rather live with a beautiful lie or face your ugly truth?

What kind of a friend are you, are you a gem?

You’re welcome to leave your comments down below.