The narrative to boosting SELF-CONFIDENCE

At the mention of a confident woman, we may promptly idealize someone who’s fundamentally independent, someone who believes in her abilities, trusts her intuition and is generally stable in her life. However, as a confident woman can you truly say you’ve always been confident in your manifestations? Yea – I know, me too.

You know, with confident women, it’s not that they don’t experience insecurity – they have rather mastered the principles that proclaim them as self-assured. They have adopted enviable habits that they rely on throughout their lives and you can’t help but admire them. I’ll shed light on some of these practices.

First and foremost practice to see yourself exactly how you’d like the world to see you. A confident woman knows her self-worth and she conveniently articulates this into her surroundings. How else will it be possible if you’re not going to have a hand in the way that people see and treat you?

The energy you put out is diverted back at you, so be the authority that governs how you’re going to be treated socially, in relationships and business. Name your price and if anyone is opposed to it they have a choice to evade the expense no hassles on your side if you know what I mean. The cost of shrinking yourself is very expensive; it is an everlasting liability.

Zero in onto your insecurities and take advantage. Take cognizance of your anxieties and be strategic in dealing with them. For instance, when you feel like you’re not good enough to achieve it that should only set the tone for you to be the most appropriate time to run with it. Go right ahead and do it, just give your best shot and I’m telling you even before you witness the outcome you’ll be ecstatic simply because you took the initiative and acted regardless.

This will definitely make you feel like you have conquered the world and you’ll only have yourself to thank. Confident women have incorporated this culture into their regime. They understand that they won’t feel confident, strong and motivated all the time, therefore, they don’t wait to take action.

Put yourself out there more and exercise autonomy. Avail yourself, accept challenges and take up opportunities. The most determining factor is exposing yourself and breaking out of your shell.

I’ll tell you now that there’s usually nothing that goes on behind those elongated walls that people tend to create for themselves besides feelings of inadequacy and stagnation. You’ll honestly never know your true potential unless you push through and that means extending yourself beyond what you think you can achieve. Break the barriers and reach for your goals.

Connect with significant others. Learn the importance of relating to others for personal growth and cultivate just the kind of relationships that serve a purpose in your life.

Maintain relationships with people that respect, care, and love you. People who believe in your abilities; who inspire and propel you. Their affirmations should provide your insecurities with gentle strokes while encouraging confidence and growth.

Confident women are not those who are self-assured all the time, however, their determination in discovering what lurks beyond the margins stand out. They are efficient beings who are able to apply the force within themselves to ultimately live up to their best potential.

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It begins within – Self awareness

She lacks confidence, she craves admiration insatiably. She lives on the reflections of herself in the eyes of others. She does not dare to be herself.
~ Anaïs Nin

Beautiful woman, yes you are.

You’re beautiful, embrace it.

You’re smart, make it known.

You’re successful, celebrate it.

Any affirmation that comes from anywhere else but yourself serves no purpose, honor yourself.


People’s approval shouldn’t recharge you in any way. Their validations are too fickle to sustain anyone.

A confident woman does not bargain on other people’s acceptance of her. She’s well aware of who she is, flaws and all.


You shouldn’t modify who you are to accommodate anyone. No, it shouldn’t be on your account that they feel good about themselves.

Distance yourself from people that instill doubt in you, discredit and pull you down. Insecurity resents being solo, it longs for warmth. Never allow it to tuck you in.


Confidence is something that we battle with one way or another. It does not come naturally but you can certainly gain it through living an authentic life; being unapologetically you.

Must you have people cheering you on to feel safe?

Are you content with who you are?